In Dhaka, Bed bugs are one of the common disturbing pest. As one of the oldest pest control company of Bangladesh, we have most experienced beg bugs expert to remove it from your properties with guarantee period. Bed bugs are hard to locate and it’s really not easy totally exterminate without expert help. Before, it causes serious health problem, you should definitely call a good fumigation company in Bangladesh.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are brownish and oval shaped insects that can be 5-7mm in length. In Bangladesh, Bed bugs also known as “chaar poka” or ছারপোকা. Bed bugs can’t fly or jump like cockroaches. But, it quickly move over wall, furnitures, clothes, floors. As, Bed bugs live on animal and human blood they love to live in mattresses, bed sheets, clothes, sofa, carpet or furnitures.

Warning: One pregnant female bed bug can produce 400+ adults and 1000+ new eggs within just 3 months.

How Dangerous are Bed Bugs?

Since Bed bugs sucks human blood, you will face problem sleeping at night as that is the right time for bed bugs to drink blood. Bed bugs will pierce on skin to suck blood that will result reddish welt with serious itching. Sometimes, serious blood suction may cause you suffer from anemia and bacterial infection that will result unexpected psychological disorder.

How to get rid of Bed bugs?

For over 20 years, Dhaka Pest Control successfully exterminating bed bugs for hotel, resorts, commercial and residential places. Following steps we always follow to remove Bed bugs from your properties:
  1. Identifying: Inspecting your infected location and identifying level of bed bugs infestation.
  2. Implement: After gathering all information, we start implementing insecticidal treatment those are up to date modern chemicals with best available equipments
  3. Safety Facts: We will make sure that our entire procedures are not unhealthy for your house environment
  4. Taking Report: We will take update form our clients after every 3 months we have provided the service

Why should you choose us?

To provide effective bed bug inspection & extermination company for residential and commercial properties. We make sure you never have to worry about bed bugs ever again. We guarantee 6-10 months for bed bugs treatment. If you ever face any bed bugs during this guarantee period we will do it for free.

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