Unlike, most of the pest control companies of Bangladesh we don’t use the method of killing rats. Instead, we use non-chemicals method for rats repellant along with rats extermination from your properties. So, when you are choosing fumigation company in Dhaka, you should not only consider temporal solution but also permanent solution for rats treatment for your home. As, Rats are annoying and contaminate your foods that might cause serious diseases. You should definitely call Pest Control Services if you are facing problem in your properties.

What are Rodents/Rats?

Rodents are group of annoying pests like rats, mice and squirrels those are found in our properties. In Bangladesh, Rats also known as “ইঁদুর”, “চিকা”. Here are different types of Rats like Cotton Rats, Deer Rats, House Mice, Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Rodents are generally fast breeders. It is commonly found rats babies within infected house.

Should i be concerned about Rats?

First of all, some rats are responsible deadly diseases like plague. Secondly, Mice infestations may cause complications during pregnancy. Pest Control Experts do not advise to handle wild rats as their teeth are sharp and large that may have viruses, bacteria. Thirdly, we always advise to keep your children away from any rats infested houses as it may bite to defend itself.

How can we help you?

As a pest control company, we always research on implementing best available strategy to keep your properties rats free. Depending on level of your infestation, we use both chemical and non-chemical method that not only exterminate any rodents but also it will repel entering any rodents in future in your properties.

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