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These 10 things will keep your House cockroach free in Bangladesh

One of the worst types of pests that are commonly found in many homes are cockroaches. Imagine waking up to the sound of these creepy crawlies moving about in the middle of the night. Nothing short of a gothic nightmare! Cockroaches mostly tend to invade the unclean spaces in your household, particularly the kitchen. Moreover, they are notorious for spreading worms, bacteria, and many different forms of pathogens. Other than that, cockroaches also tend to carry allergens that can affect people with asthma, or those who are prone to allergic reactions. Simply, calling exterminators may not be enough to rid your home of cockroaches.

Home remedies you can implement to prevent cockroaches from sneaking into your home:

1. Cleaning your household regularly

This is probably the most important step in keeping your home free from cockroaches. If you are an untidy person, then there is little hope for you! Cockroaches are more likely to swarm when you’re not looking. There really is no alternative to regularly tidying your household to prevent cockroaches.  This is especially true when you live in a large metropolis, as cockroaches thrive in urban areas. Sweep your home once every day and remember to wipe off any scattered bits of food. Also, remember to vacuum regularly, particularly in hard to reach places.

2. Using solutions consisting of pepper, garlic and onion

Unless you are someone who only prefers to eat outside, you probably have these three ingredients lying around somewhere in your kitchen. A lot of people believe a homemade solution made from these three ingredients has the potential to petrify cockroaches that have taken refuge in various points of your home. In order to prepare this mixture, all you have to do is place some pepper, garlic and onion on a bowl and pour some water. Then, you blend the mixture properly. Once the mixture is prepared, put some of it on different spots of your home where cockroaches are most likely to be residing.

3. Boric acid paste

Another effective alternative to pepper, garlic and onion solution is the use of a boric acid paste. In order to prepare this, you will need boric acid powder, flour, sugar and water. Just like the previous solution, place all these ingredients in a bowl and mix them well. Then place the mixture in various points of your household, and wait for the cockroaches to sniff it out. Cockroaches have an affinity for sugar, so they are very likely to consume this solution and become poisoned. Moreover, they are also able to carry some of the boric acid paste to their brethren and poison them too.

4. Mouthwash

Some people believe mouthwash brands such as Listerine are an effective deterrent against cockroaches. You can dilute the mouthwash with water and fill it in a spraying bottle. Some have even added dishwashing gel to the solution to make it even stronger. This solution can be handy as all you have to do is spray every time you spot these filthy buggers.

5. Doing the dishes every day

Cockroaches are always on the hunt for food in your home. There sensory abilities allow them to sniff out food from great distances. Therefore, you should never leave your dishes unwashed over night after you have dinner. Even if you feel tired after a long day at the office, there is no excuse for leaving out unclean dishes as they will inevitable attract cockroaches. The least you can do is rinse them with soapy water to prevent cockroaches from swarming.

6. Proper disposal of garbage

Remember to take out the trash daily. Leaving open garbage bags in your home will attract these unwanted critters. Even if the bin in your kitchen has a lid on it, cockroaches are bound to reach bins looking for food. You should fix a designated time every day for taking out garbage, and also don’t forget to wipe off or vacuum any remaining food particles outside the trash can.

7. Cleaning ovens and dishwashers

Since it has already been established that remaining food particles always attract cockroaches, make sure you tidy up your ovens and dishwashers after you use them. You can use oven-friendly cleaners to clean ovens, and wipe off any remaining food inside and outside them.

8. Using lemon

Citric fruits such as lemon are an effective deterrent against cockroaches. Lemons can help prevent cockroaches from entering your apartment. When mopping the floor, you can add a few drops of lemon here and there to repel cockroaches.

9. Seal possible points of entry

Cockroaches don’t enter your home through the front door. They make use of the various gaps, holes and cracks in the walls. You must inspect your house thoroughly to locate these potential points of entry, and take necessary steps to seal them.

10. Keep a check on water sources

Other than searching for bits of food, cockroaches also keep an eye out for potential water sources. Cockroaches tend to swarm places that aren’t dry, as they require water to survive. Therefore, it is up to you to keep an eye out for leaky taps and open water sources both inside and outside your house hold. Washing machines and dishwaters also attract large amounts of cockroaches for this very reason. You can apply one of the previously mentioned solutions around these appliances to prevent cockroaches from taking refuge near them.

Getting rid of cockroaches from your home may seem overwhelming at times, but it should not be a huge issue if you tidy up your place thoroughly and apply some of the methods mentioned here. No matter how busy you are, you should always make sure there are no food particles lying around and spots flooding with water. Make good use of lemon while mopping the floor, and apply either garlic, pepper and onion solution or boric acid paste to repel cockroaches from areas they are most likely to reside. Finally, regularly inspect your house for gaps and holes that act as entry points for cockroaches.

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